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SpyCop Version 1.0

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Easily find out if ANYONE is spying on you! Monitor your computer.

Author Company: SpyCop
Price: $ 49.95 File Size: Unknown Requirements: 32M RAM, 1GHz or faster AMD or Intel processor Language: English
Update Time: 2008-7-7 3:19 AM OS: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista Support:

  Descriptions of SpyCop  
SpyCop is the leading commercial computer monitoring/surveillance spy software detector. Spy programs are often used by identity thieves and many times even family members, to gain access to your private personal or business information. SpyCop is not just another anti-spyware program, it's a surveillance spy detector that specifically targets commercially available computer monitoring software.

SpyCop uses a search method which goes far and beyond other spy scanners in that it does not simply scan your registry or go by filename. SpyCop can find spy programs that are not shown in the task list and are not present in the registry. SpyCop can even find those spy programs where the installer renamed the files to make them appear to be part of the system! If we are aware of a spy program (and we are aware of just about all of them), it can not escape detection. We have a network of over 50,000 active users who are our eyes & ears. If one of our clients comes across a new spy program, we are instantly alerted by our client via the SpyCop interface. We will add the new spy program to our database almost instantly.

Special Features:
SpyCop has a few special capabilities:

-Command line parameters to permit automation

-Silent scanning with results sent by email automatically

-One click update to update both the program and database

-Very small footprint on your system, can be installed to a thumb drive

-No registry entries or system mingling; all files in one folder

-Scan single files or folders for quick checks

-Disabled spy vault and custom ignore lists

-Can be run in safe mode command prompt only for extremely deep scans

-Personal support from a real person to guide you through spy removal

-Save the results to a text file for future reference

-Find out when most spy programs were installed

-Easily check to see if a spy program is detectable with database search

-Unrecognizable to most spy programs so the spy won't catch you using it.

-Program upgrades are free for life, and you receive 1 year of free database updates!

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