Beatbox MIDI Drum Sequencer

Beatbox MIDI Drum Sequencer Introduction:

Beatbox intended to make professional drum parts the later to be further used without additional changes at the studio of a sound recording company.

The program completely meets requirements of musicians as well as sound engeneers dealing with MIDI. Every bit in your score can have its unique volume relatively to the others and convenient mixer allows you to adjust not only general volume of your drums score, but also separate volume of each track. All this provides the professional sounding of a MIDI file.

You can import midi 1 and midi 0 files in two modes. The first is editing of a file in form of continuous drums flow (this mode is convenient for making small changes and additions), and the second is splitting of music into unique fragments and automatic creation of the playlist for these fragments. Using this method you can quickly change the whole structure of a track.

The editor of a drums scores highlights positions, taking into account musical size of a signature, besides, the unique system of visual filtration allows you to hide the editor's arrhythmic positions and, if detailed editing is needed,to change them. Using this method together with us you create your scores with the 1/64 resolution, yet, as convenient to edit as the standard 1/16 or 1/32. You can create a new project from a MIDI file simply by opening the file. Beatbox takes material from the file and places it into one or more tracks in the track view.

Beatbox has a playback loop feature that allows you to listen the project's changes while you edit a pattern. By default, a new project is in 4/4 time. You can change these settings to use any desired time signature up to 1/64. Also, every project has the track of tempo alteration. Thus, Jazz, Break-Beat, Big-Beat, Hip-Hop, Drum'n'Bass, Jungle, Garage and many other musical styles can be produced now in MIDI format by means of Beatbox.

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