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Advanced Encode Decode Tools - Player Tool

A striking all-in-one audio converter Player Tool Software for home and office use with only Hi-Fi sound compression algorithms.

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Advanced Encode Decode Tools Features:

  • Multilingual interface
    At the moment Advanced Encode Decode Tools®, is available in 12 languages. These are English, Danish, Dutch, French, Chinese, Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, German, Russian and Ukrainian.
    You can help us to translate Advanced Encode Decode Tools® to other languages. In return you will get a free registration for Advanced Encode Decode Tools®.
  • Windows Media™ Format
    New support for variable bit rate (VBR) audio enables even higher quality and smaller file sizes. WMA 9 is backward-compatible with older Windows Media Audio ĘC compatible decoders, so you can play back new content on old players, operating systems, and electronic devices.
  • Batch mode processing
    If you need to convert more than one file (from 10 to 100 and even more files), you can use Batch mode. You may also set 'Close application when complete' and (or) 'Shutdown computer' options if you want the program to take care of such tasks.
  • Fastest WMA Decoder
    Try it and see the speed of converting to WMA format and vice versa.
  • LAME MP3 DLL interface
    The fastest and the most powerful MP3 coder.
  • AudioCD ripping mode*
    You can use the Audio CD ripping mode for converting audio tracks to any supported format. The most common are MP3 and WMA file formats. Multi-drive support allows you to set batch-mode ripping for up to four CD-ROM drives in packet mode.
  • FreeDB (CDDB) support
    With the help of CDDB/FreeDB you can download detailed Audio CD description from the Internet. Save your time - why type it again if someone had already done it?
  • Unique AC-3 decoder**
    AC-3 format file may contain up to 6 audio channels. AC-3 Decoder combines the information from these channels into two encoded channels, which deliver to each of your ears, via conventional stereo headphones, its own unique sum of direct and reflected sound from each virtual speaker. As a result, the listening sensation is much more natural, with sounds appearing "out-of-head".
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