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Automate Your Business Plan Introduction:

"AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN" assumes you know nothing about writing a business plan. We walk you through the process and make your job easier.

  • Our step-by-step planning process will enable you to organize your industry expertise into a working business plan that will attract capital and ensure success. AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN helps you create a defensible plan!
    - Easy instructions guide you through each part of our plan.
    - Special Web page "hot links" you to marketing & financial research sites.
    - Three complete real-life business plans (one serve as examples to help you overcome writer's block.
    - AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN is a stand-alone software program not a set of templates depending on someone else's software for compatibility and support. If you have any questions, all you need to do is call us.
  • Lenders and investors are turned off by "fill-in-the-blanks" generic business plans. A customized working business plan is a plan to succeed.
    Your plan will be tailored to your specific industry and situation:
    - We help you research and write a winning marketing plan.
    - We help you develop a valid set of customized financial projections.
    These are some of the great features you will like about our software:
    - Instructions, examples, and pre-formatted files for all parts of your plan
    - All files pre-set with headers, fonts, margins, and print commands
    - Spell check, help files, and insiders' tips to speed you on your way
    - Option to use your own word processing and/or spreadsheet applications within the software

Automate Your Business Plan Features:

  • Importing and Exporting of Your Plan Project:
    We realize that our users may wish to work on their business plans on more than one computer. In our new version, we have added Import and Export menus to the main File menu in Automate Your Business Plan 12.0. You "Export" your plan project and save it to a CD or other transportable media device. When you are working in Automate Your Business Plan on one of your other computers, you can then "Import" the plan project to that computer and continue your work. When you want to transport it back to the original computer, you can reverse the process.
  • Revert to an Archived Version of a Plan File:
    On occasion, a user will make changes to plan files and then decide that a previously saved version of that file is more desirable. In Automate Your Business Plan 12.0, we have added a "Revert" menu to the File menus of the word processor and spreadsheet tools. If you wish to "Revert" to an earlier version of your plan file, selecting this menu will allow you to choose from either of the two previously-saved files and replace your current plan file.
  • Integrated (Linked) Spreadsheet Workbook in Versions 11 and 12:
    Users can create a linked set of financial spreadsheets that is completely customized to their own charts of accounts. In the past, the spreadsheets have been separate files that had to be customized by the user. Now our Chart of Accounts Wizard will take you through the setup process and your workbook of linked spreadsheets will instantly be completely customized to your business. Numbers input in one spreadsheet will automatically be input in all related spreadsheets. When you update information, it will also be updated throughout the workbook.
    - Charts & Graphs Included:
    We have also added a charting and graphing component to the Integrated Spreadsheet Workbook. It will automatically generate six graphs and charts reflecting your financial information. They can then be pasted into the text part of your plan or used in your presentations for added effect.
    - Financial Statement Analysis is Auto-Generated:
    Financial statement analysis will now be much easier to perform. The spreadsheet workbook contains four separate quarterly budget analysis spreadsheets (one for each quarter). All of the information will be auto-generated from cash flow and profit & loss statements, making it easy to perform a quarterly review of your company's profitability. Critical ratios will also be auto-generated in our ratio table making it easy to measure your business against industry standards.
  • Separate Spreadsheet Option:
    For those users who want access to separate spreadsheet files (cash flow, profit & loss, etc.), we have maintained a separate set of spreadsheets with instructions and examples. In fact, if the user chooses, he or she can de-select the integrated spreadsheet workbook and choose to work entirely with separate customizable pre-formatted and pre-formulated spreadsheets.
  • New Business or Existing Business Option:
    Upon entering the software, you can select the type of plan to be for a new business or one for an existing business. After choosing, you will automatically be in the right environment for your type of business and have the appropriate spreadsheets for your financial plan.
  • Save Plan to Zip File:
    Because some of our users have queried us as to the best way to email their business plan files to non-users of Automate Your Business Plan or to upload them to a website, we have a "Save Plan to Zip File" feature. You will be able to select the pieces of your plan that you would like to send electronically, move the selected pieces to the right window and click on "Save Plan to Zip File." Your business plan pieces will then be saved in .doc and .xls formats and zipped into a single transportable file. (Read more about this in the Readme File and in the Help File.)
  • Content Revision:
    The business planning content has been revised in 2004 to reflect the most current trends in business planning and to match the 6th edition of our book, "Anatomy of a Business Plan."
    - What Do Lenders and Investors Look For?
    You will find the most current information on requirements of lenders and investors in today's business world. We have also updated our Research Section to help you access sources of financial and marketing information.
    - Organizational Plan Content:
    We have updated the organizational plan to include information on understanding and conducting a SWOT Analysis that will help the user to better analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business.
    - Marketing Plan Content:
    You have the option of creating either a basic or advanced marketing plan. The basic marketing plan option may be the best choice for a smaller business or for students completing a class project. The advanced marketing plan should be especially beneficial to larger and more aggressive businesses. It guides the user through the development of both an on-line and off-line approach to market planning.
  • New Tool Features:
    In versions 11 and 12, we have added new features to both the word processor and spreadsheet tools. Most significant are:
    Word Processing:
    most notable additions to our word processor tool are capabilities to create tables and to add bullets to lists.
    Spreadsheet Tool:
    We now have a charting and graphing tool called First Impressions. It is an excellent tool and you will find that it is very easy to use. The spreadsheet tool also now has a Print Preview menu.
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