Drill-Down Tally 2005

Drill-Down Tally 2005 Introduction:

Need quick reports from Microsoft Excel or Access, ODBC, QuickBooks, ACT!, Text or CSV data files? Need them quickly and easily by anyone with NO training? Sure you do! Then Drill-Down Tally is your solution.

Drill-Down Tally's 3 step wizard effortlessly creates dynamic reports in a flash. Define Groups, Calculations and Details. That's It!. This is the easiest way for a novice user to create powerful reports.

No other report writer gives you so much dynamic information at such a low, low cost. Many companies will get their investment back the same day they purchase Drill-Down Tally. This makes Drill-Down Tally an invaluable asset to every company that understands its clever, powerful, intuitive, quick, but user-friendly feature set.

Drill-Down Tally was created to help everyday and non-technical users create ad-hoc reports quickly and easily without the need or help of your IT department.

The process of creating a Drill-Down Tally report is very easy. You choose Field Descriptions and their associated Show As type from a selected data set, Drill-Down Tally dynamically changes the report to reflect your desired output. You can dynamically change the report definition 1000's of different ways to get what you want in a flash. Group your totals by Team, Division, Salesman, Job Type, Year or even total dollar amounts. You can use the RecordSet Filter to restrict the records reported on. Any field in the recordset can be used to restrict your records. So you ask a question like? I want to see this report format with records from a beginning date to an ending date. You can also use the Totals Filter to only get customers that have Profit margins above one million dollars. After you have the records you want, you can preview, print and save the new report. It's just that easy. Pretty nifty for an on-the-fly report writer any novice user can use to design dynamic reports. You can also design a 5 year crosstab (equivalent to a Microsoft Excel pivot table) analysis of your most profitable products or customers. There are an unlimited number of reports you can design with ease at your fingertips without waiting for a programmer to do it. You're in control of your data giving you the competitive edge.

Drill Down Tally 2005 Best Features:

  • Reseller/Private Label Product Branding. Drill-Down Tally has the capability to be branded under your product name, icon, and company as the maker of the product name.
  • Reporting Views. One of the newest features of Drill-Down Tally is changing the face of reporting possibilities with it's newest feature "Reporting Views". This technology is changing how data information is analyzed and processed in the 21st century.
    You can now create and open additional views with the same recordset query. With "Reporting Views" you can query your data once and have Drill-Down Tally slice and dice your data with unlimited views to the same recordset. No need to create 10 individual report files with one having just a slight modification here and another a slight change there. Other times you will have one report with a different sort here and another order by there. Now you can quickly create and access all of these reports as views within the same file with our newest innovation called "Reporting Views".
  • Auto-Design. One of the best features of Drill-Down Tally is that it allows any level of user to experiment very easily by quickly changing the field settings in the Report Definition tab. As you change these settings, you immediately see your results in the Drill-Down tab. Thus, allowing you to create an unlimited number of reports from one recordset.
  • New Report Wizard. One of the newest features of Drill-Down Tally is that simply makes it easier to create a report. Our wizard will help any novice create a new report in 3 easy steps. The wizard gracefully generates a new report in blinding speeds. No training needed with this added feature.
  • Drill-Down Reporting. One of the coolest features of Drill-Down Tally is that it automatically creates a report for first group in your drill-down. The first report contains information pertaining only to your first defined group level. The second report contains information pertaining to all group levels and their details.
  • Group Calculation Groups. Another awesome feature of Drill-Down Tally is that you can create a group from your aggregate group calculations. This is a powerful addition to the Drill-Down Tally feature set. This means you can create drill-down report(s) containing information pertaining to several different revenue levels. You could put them in groups of excellent, so-so or poor based on the profit your company receives and drill-down on each of them.
  • Gateway File Setup. Create reports from ACT!, .txt (comma separated),.csv (comma separated values) text files or Microsoft Excel data. You can design reports with exported data from Google, Amazon, eBay. You can gain direct access to Microsoft Excel data via the Sheet Name or Range Name of your favorite worksheet. Or any other text file you can export data from. You can create as many reports as you want from your downloaded, exported text or Microsoft Excel data files. This is a great productivity tool for all buyers and sellers who access the world wide web or want more detailed reporting from your Microsoft Excel data.
  • Screenshot Demo. A demo was added to the help menu to help users get more familiar with the reporting capabilities of Drill-Down Tally. It includes a user controlled slide show creating a simple tabular report to designing an advanced 5 year trend analysis.
  • Tally FlexMart. Creating a Tally FlexMart is an important part of Drill-Down Tally. It allows you to wrap up a report definition and it's underlying data into a mini application. After you create the Tally FlexMart you can send the file to any other licensed owner of Drill-Down Tally. They can now create as many reports as they want from the data you send them.
  • Auto-Update. The software package allows you to update/upgrade the software package with minimal effort. Unpack updates to a central location and all other users can automatically pickup the necessary changes the next time they open Drill-Down Tally.
  • FREE Unlimited Live Help Online. Last but not least free unlimited online support. Get your questions answered online with our Live Help Online feature. You're up and running in a heartbeat with this added benefit.
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