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Excel Manager Collection
Excel Manager Collection - Duplication Manager, Number Manager, Text Manager, Named Range Add-in Manager & Formula Manager are 5 seperate Excel Add-ins bundled together.

Excel Duplication Manager Add-in
Excel Duplication Manager Add-in - This very handy add-in will make your management of lists a breeze.

Number,Text & Formula Manager
Number,Text & Formula Manager - 3 seperate Excel Add-ins bundled together to save you 50% off the individual prices.

TimeAndWageBook - Excel Workbook for calculating employee pay and hours worked. Fill in timesheet once and save as a Template.

OzGrid excel Addins Collection
OzGrid excel Addins Collection - this OzGrid Add-ins Collection contains all 8 of our Excel Add-ins, such as number manager, text manager, formula manager, name manager, duplication manager, workbook size reducer.

Forms ComboBox Wizard Add-in
Forms ComboBox Wizard Add-in - Work en mass with ComboBoxes or Dropdowns from Forms Toolbar.

Excel Training Lessons
Excel Training Lessons - Excel training and Online Distance learning in Excel and Visual Basic for Applications. Spreadsheets and macros by a professional consultant. Free tips and tricks.

Portfolio Sheet
Portfolio Sheet - Enter your symbols, account, holdings, and cost, and let the Portfolio Sheet do the rest. Create and store portfolios, Monitor both public and private portfolios, Powerful visualization tool, Graphical drift analysis.

Company Overview
Company Overview - an incredibly powerful and performant tool providing you with a detailed overview of any publicly traded company.

OM-EOQDISC - Excel Spreadsheet Template for Economic order quantity (EOQ) with quantity discounts.
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