TraderXL Pro Package

TraderXL Pro Package Introduction:

TraderXL Pro Package is a suite of technical analysis, strategy backtesting, data downloading, neural network analysis and portfolio management tools for Microsoft Excel that are easy enough for beginners to use but powerful enough for the most demanding professionals.

Successful money managers know that technical analysis is a crucial tool for finding future trading opportunities and making better informed and more effective trades. They also know that having instant access to historical and current stock, index, options, and mutual fund quotes lets them make better informed trades and react faster to changes in the market.

Technical Analysis in Microsoft Excel. 146 indicators and experts. Free download real and historical stock quotes from USA, Europe, and Canada into Excel spreadsheets. Mutual funds, corporate bonds, Major USA Market Indices, Major World Indices are downloadable into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Daily, weekly and monthly quotes into one Excel spreadsheets. Quotes refresh. The best way to start technical Analysis for the beginner.

The core component of the package is AnalyzerXL, a library of 146 most effective and well-recognized technical analysis functions, indicators, and experts provided in the form of Excel formulas. The tight integration of AnalyzerXL with Microsoft Excel makes customization tasks much easier than when performed using competing software packages.

With just basic knowledge of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), users can easily develop sophisticated custom strategies, indicators and experts in a fraction of the time it would take with other software. However, VBA knowledge is not required. AnalyzerXL also provides graphical tools for construction of custom strategies, indicators and functions. Users can also create and name macros using the AnalyzerXL interface.

Because trading methods you develop should be able to work in the past as well as in the future, it is important to test them on historical data - a process known as backtesting. Accurate and thorough backtesting is essential to building confidence in a strategy before it is implemented. The TraderXL Pro Package includes BacktestingXL, a comprehensive solution for stress testing and evaluating trading strategies.

TraderXL Pro Package also includes powerful neural network-based tools for forecasting and classifying data in Excel. Neural networks are proven to be more accurate at making forecasts based on complex historical data than traditional methods.

This can give analysts a critical edge in predicting the next market move. Their ability to determine non-linear relationships in data also makes them well-suited for classifying or "data mining." NeuroXL Classifer classifies data based on your preferences. For example, you may be interested in classifying stocks as buy, sell, and hold based on certain criteria.

Most software tools for downloading quotes available today require an unwieldy import process to get downloaded quotes into popular analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel. This wastes precious time that could make the difference between a good trade and a missed opportunity.

TraderXL Pro Package includes tools for downloading free historical, 15-minute delayed, and fee-based real-time stock, index and mutual fund quotes, as well as 15-minute delayed options quotes directly into Excel. The software can handle downloads and updates for tens or hundreds of tickers simultaneously.

This white paper will discuss the various Excel tools included in the package, and demonstrate the flexibility and power that performing technical analysis, backtesting, data downloading and portfolio tracking directly in Excel provides.

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