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Wordlers - an exciting new word game combining all the best elements of Scrabble, Sokoban and multi-leveled logic games into one mind-stretching and fun experience.

WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines
WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines - A new twist of a great classic idea. Line up 5 or more similar pieces on the hexagonal playfield.

WildSnake Puzzle: heXLines
WildSnake Puzzle: heXLines - Great addiction from simple piece of code, line up pieces in the hexagonal playfield.

WildSnake Puzzle: TwistIt! - Vol.1
WildSnake Puzzle: TwistIt! - Vol.1 - based upon an original idea and includes 25 addicting puzzles.

Bill's Fields of Wonders
Bill's Fields of Wonders - a new puzzle game add some fun animations, even funnier music and great sound effects.

Coolumns - prevent the board from filling up by moving various amounts of colored pieces from one column to another.

Diamonds system
Diamonds system - an exciting logic game designed for puzzle fans.

Breaker of blocks
Breaker of blocks - a logic arcade game made on the combine puzzle and action style game.

GeoPuzzle! - includes colorful map puzzles for the countries and capitals of the world.

Edges - a puzzle game of the season, featuring a totally new and exciting gameplay you have never experienced anywhere before!
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