CountDown Introduction:

CountDown has 4 different individual types of timers that counts down for your specified task.

There are 2 different versions you can use. The first version includes only the 4 CountDown timers. The second version is included in the Desktop Goodies package.

The New CountDown and CountUp timers have a new sleek design and are smaller to save your valuable desktop space. Both programs can run Always On Top and both can run in either Normal or StopWatch mode. Choose from 19 different backgrounds or 9 different Wave files to play when time runs out. Date CountDown can use a different Wave file for each message and Full Screen CountDown has a new digital display. You can even run multiple CountDown and CountUp timers at the same time, re-name them and jot down notes for each one.

CountDown, which you can set the hours, minutes and seconds. Click on the Start button, then when the time runs out, a message is displayed and an alarm (WAV file) sounds off.

The second timer runs like a stop-watch. If you're always setting a timer for 2 hours and 30 minutes, then you can save this time and simply click on the Retrieve button to re-set the time. This program is useful for timing tasks such as cooking, classroom tests, or anything that has to be done in a specific amount of time.

The next program contains two CountUp timers, the second which also runs like a stop-watch. Both programs start at 0:00 and time UPWARDS. This program is useful for timing events such as long distance calls or time spent working on a project.

The third program is the Date CountDown. You can set the date and time for an event, then view at a glance how many days, hours, minutes and seconds remain until that event is due. You can set up to ten different events. this program is most useful for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, or any event in the future.

The last program is the Full Screen CountDown. It runs the same as CountDown 6.0, except the background is black and it occupies the entire screen, just like a Screen Saver. A message can be displayed while the program is running, and when the time runs out, the Time Is Up warning is displayed and a Wave sound will play. You can also set the size of the fonts from small to large, if you are using a bigger monitor. Use this program when you want to view the computer from a distance, such as classroom tests or sporting events.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, 8 MB ram, 8 MB hard disk space.

Download size: 3.02 MB

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