Smart Wedding

Smart Wedding Introduction:

Smart Wedding is the hands-down #1 choice for planning and organizing your wedding details.

Brides and grooms, as well as any of your family members involved will greatly benefit from using this excellent tool. You'll actually enjoy working together when planning your wedding!

Discover the many useful and valuable benefits and features that makes Smart Wedding unique.

Smart Wedding Features:

Guest List Manager
  • This can be one of the most time consuming details when planning your wedding. Smart Wedding makes it a snap.
  • Place your guests into meaningful groups 每 you even have the option of using an A/B list.
  • Inviting out-of-town guests? Quickly and accurately store both their accommodation and transportation requirements.
  • You may want different guest invited to different functions. Easily specify which people are invited to which events.
  • Smart Wedding takes care of the details. Use our detailed statistics summary to instantly view total invitations per event as well as the total number of guests invited. Break these lists down by category - Bride's family, groom's family, bride's friends, groom's friends, bride's co-worker's 每 most any way you want.
  • Don't re-type your information! Import your existing information directly into Smart Wedding using our Wizards. (supports CSV, TXT text file, Windows Address Book, WAB)
  • Share your guest list with vendors, friends, family or even merge your guest list with other Smart Wedding users


You'll probably have many events planned before that big day arrives. Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Religious Consultations, Photographer - any number of other functions. Create custom menu selections for any and all events and functions you're planning to have.

Organizing and managing these details can take a lot of time. You have better things to do. Let Smart Wedding keep track for you. All your information in one convenient place

Task List

Who does what when? With Smart Wedding you'll know without guessing. Automatically generate detailed task lists with due-dates based on your wedding date. Instantly know who's responsible for what job.

Your wedding is unique. Your lists should be as well. Customize your list by adding the information you think is important. Add or remove additional "to-do" items with scheduled due-dates


Don't let your expenses get out of hand! With so much to do, you can easily forget that a wedding costs real money. Don't be surprised by unexpected bills.

Just enter the total amount you've planned to spend on your wedding. Smart Wedding will automatically create a suggested or recommended budget based on industry standard expense allocations! Then decide where, when and if to increase or decrease spending.

Store detailed information for each item (estimated cost, actual cost, payment due date, deposit amount, deposit date, payment amount, payment date)

Easily create a detailed and accurate budget with items grouped into expense categories

RSVP Manager

With multiple events, keeping track of your RSVP's can be a challenge. Not for Smart Wedding. Specify the RSVP status for each person on any invitation.

Store menu selection, accommodation and transportation requirements for attending guests.

You can even instantly view all your RSVP's at a single glance. Smart Wedding statistics break down any event by category of guests - including invitations, responses, people attending and totals for menu selection.

Reception Seating Manger

Seating arrangements can be one of the most frustrating tasks you'll face when planning your wedding. Let Smart Wedding help you out!

Easily create an arranged reception seating plan.

Setup tables with table numbers or table names for easy identification.

"Drag & Drop" unseated guests to the desired table.

Since your guests are listed by categories you'll make the perfect seating plan in no time

Gift Tracker

Every gift should receive a response. Easily keep track of all your gifts - from your engagement right to your honeymoon. Make sure that those very important Thank You notes are sent out on time.

In fact - gifts can be tracked for any event, making the Gift Tracker ideal for any future events. (Your anniversaries, for instance.)

Stationery Wizard

A professional printer costs a lot of money. However 每 with today's technology you can do most of the printing yourself. Smart Wedding allows you to print Inner & Outer Envelopes, Labels or Table Seating Cards or Place Cards, using any font on your system.

Don't know the proper wording or rules of etiquette? Smart Wedding does 每 and automatically generates it for you.

Specify the formatting options you want - (formal, semi-formal, informal). Smart Wedding sets it up automatically.

It's simple to print your own stationary using the Smart Wedding Wizard. In fact 每 you can use this Wizard for any event long after your wedding!

Our Print Wizard has built in support for: Avery Standard, Avery A4 & A5, AOne, APLI, Devauzet, Ero, Formtec Herma, Hisago, Kokuyo, Maco/Wilson Jones, Pimaco, Rank Xerox, Zweckform


See at a glance how your wedding is progressing! Detailed Budget Information, Vendor Information, Received Gift Summary Lists, Guest Lists broken down by event and invitation, the Reception Seating Plan, Transportation and Accommodation Summary, Active To-Do and Completed Tasks list.

You can even customize your reports to look for specific information, such as "View all Guests Who Haven't Yet RSVP'd " for a particular event.

As you see Smart Wedding is one of the most powerful planning programs on the market. Yet it's so easy to use you'll wonder why anyone would want to plan a wedding without it.

So order your copy today. Then relax 每 your wedding will be perfectly planned.

For your conveniance, Smart Wedding is available as an Instant Download or as a Physical Box.

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