DeltaSpy Introduction:

How much time did you waste online today? How long did you spend hopping from one website to another, checking your favorite blogs and taking a peek at your competition to see what they're up to? Did you actually see anything new?

Keeping an eye on a list of web pages can be time-consuming and frustrating. Chances are you visit your bookmarked websites much more frequently than they update their content.

If this sounds familiar, you should let DeltaSpy do the work for you. This web page monitoring software keeps an eye on websites selected by you, notifying you only when there is something new to see.

When you visit the site, the new or altered content will be highlighted. Buy this web page monitoring software now for only US $39.95 - with immediate online delivery, or try the trial version for free if you are not ready to order yet.

DeltaSpy Key Features:

  • DeltaSpy makes following hundreds of websites and blogs as simple and fast as checking your e-mail.
  • You can view your monitored web pages with the changes highlighted using the embedded web browser, enabling you to speed-read websites without missing anything.
  • DeltaSpy can track not only normal websites, but also blogs in the most popular formats (RSS, Atom, RDF), plain text files and XML files.
  • You can ignore dynamic page content like page counters and dates to avoid update notifications when they change.
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