GL-AD Popup Terminator

GL-AD Popup Terminator Introduction:

Kill those Annoying Popup Ad Windows!

GL-AD Popup Terminator is an intelligent popup killer program that can identify unwanted popup window generated by web page and kill popup window before it appears on the screen. It is capable of discerning what you want and don't want, and kills unwanted popups only. The program doesn't alter your browsing habits, adds no annoying stuffs, needs no complex configuration. Using this popup killer will make your surfing experiences more enjoyable!

Features of GL-AD Popup Killer include:

  • Automatically runs when you start Internet Explorer.
  • Takes up minimal memory and CPU space, never slows down your Internet Explorer.
  • A user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use this ad popup killer.
  • You can build up your own url list of sites so that their popup windows should not be killed.
  • You can even return Internet Explorer's context-menu to its original, make it more convenient for browsing (and view source code).
  • Life-long statistics to log the number of visited web pages and killed popup windows.
  • Easy to configure, disable, enable, and uninstall popup killer.
  • You can press Shift or ALT key at any time to disable popup killer temporarily and show all pop-up windows.
  • The product doesn't affect your browsing habits, does not modify the contents and scripts of the pages you are browsing, does not generate page errors.
  • It kills delayed modeless dialog! [ Version 1.8 ]

Why Register GL-AD Popup Killer?

After purchasing the software, you will get:

  • free Technical support for using popup killer life-long
  • free upgrading of the software for all future version of GL-AD Popup Terminator
  • a 30 day money-back guarantee for the absence of any feature or the quality we promise the software to have.
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