Optimal Desktop

Optimal Desktop Introduction:

Optimal Desktop empowers you to browse the web your way!

Optimal Desktop's tab system makes it easy to bookmark Internet links, RSS feeds, files and folders and access them all from the same window. Simply create a new group (Drawer) and drag any link into this new drawer. Optimal Desktop will automatically assign an icon to your new tab and display the link in the right format!

Bookmarking makes browsing the web easier!

If you are like most of us, you probably have more than a few favorite destinations (News, Search, Sports, Hobbies, Consumer Reports, etc). Optimal Desktop makes it real easy to organize and access your favorite destination and also share these links effectively with others.

With RSS you have Your News delivered as soon as it becomes available!

With RSS feeds you can subscribe to your favorite blogs and news feeds and have information delivered to your desktop as soon as it becomes available. Optimal Desktop displays the RSS headlines in a outlook type format. The Page tabs in Optimal Desktop make it easy to open multiple headlines in the same window. You also have the ability to design your own custom Feeds. Basically you define some search terms and any time any one on the Internet writes about your subjects it is delivered to your desktop. Another useful feature in Optimal Desktop is a wizard interface that connects you to an online library of feeds. Try managing your information world with RSS, it is the future! In Optimal Desktop you can bookmark RSS feeds like any other link, just drag those orange RSS (XML) icons and bookmark them in Optimal Desktop!

Optimal Desktop Technology

Optimal Desktop is built on IE technology. You need windows and IE 6.0 or better to work with Optimal Desktop.

When you first download Optimal Desktop, you receive the Standard Edition. You can use the Standard Edition for Free. If you decide you need more Tabs or link sharing features you can upgrade to the Professional or Mobile Professional Edition from the Help menu.

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