CImageBuffer Introduction:

CImageBufferX is based on the CImageBuffer project, a C++/MFC project available with full source code.

CImageBufferX be embedded into VB projects, C++ projects, HTML pages, and other IDEs

CImageBufferX OCX can be embedded into Visual basic applications, C++ applications, and applications developed with programming languages compatible with the ActiveX or OCX controls.
It even works in HTML pages and it can post the captured images to a web server.

CImageBuffer Features:

CImageBufferX is an Activex (OCX) with the following features:
  • reads/writes Dicom files, jpeg files and dib files
  • capture still images from directshow video devices
  • can be embedded in VB projects, C++ projects, web pages...
  • runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • manages length measurements, zoom in/out, contrast settings
  • manages calibration procedures on acquired images
  • ...and much more! Read below in order to learn all the CImageBufferX's features.
  • CImageBufferX is an activex for dicom, jpeg and directshow video capture.
  • Derived from CImageBuffer, offers almost all the same features available in the C++ library and speed up your development process.

CImageBufferX has the directshow video capture

CImageBufferX can capture still images from video devices.
Video cameras, webcams, firewire devices and all the devices with DirectShow filter (almost all the devices are supplied with DirectShow filter) are supported.
our application can select the video device to activate when multiple video devices are connected. Video preview can be zoomed.

CImageBufferX manages scrolling window, zoom, contrast and lookup tables

CImageBufferX can zoom in/out on the video preview or on the captured and loaded images.Loaded or captured images can be displayed using different color tables.
Contrast can be automatically calculated, applied from the dicom tags or from application's supplied values.

CImageBufferX manages cursors and measurements

CImageBufferX can display measurement cursors: the image is automatically scrolled when the cursor goes out of the viewing area.
The hosting application can display custom measurements over the image, with values and notes.
The measures can also be applied to the saved or copied images

CImageBufferX loads/saves from/to memory arrays

CImageBufferX can load/save images from/to in memory strings.
When working in html pages, the strings are automatically encoded/decode using the base64 algorithm, so they can be easily posted or retrieved to/from a webserver.

CImageBufferX handles Dicom 3 files, Jpeg files and BMP files

CImageBufferX can load and save DICOM 3 files, high bit depth Jpeg files and dib files.
The Dicom Tags can be read or modified using the activex's methods.
CImageBufferX can read 12 bits per channel lossy Jpeg files and 16 bits per channel lossless Jpeg files.

CImageBufferX supplies Clipboard functions

CImageBufferX can copy or paste images using the windows' clipboard.
When copying an image, the hosting application can also copy the image with the measurements or the visible contrast and lookup table.

CImageBufferX can manage multiple images

CImageBufferX can manage multiple images and create multiframe DICOM 3 files.

CImageBufferX is script-safe when is running in html pages

When running in HTML pages, CImageBufferX is script-safe; it doesn't allow to load or save files on the local machine without the user's permission.

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