PixTwix Introduction:

PixTwix is invisible at runtime and acts as extension of standard PictureBox or TImage components. PixTwix features over 150 methods. It is an ActiveX control for processing images.

Main Features:

  • antialiasing, box, radial and tangential blurs, low pass, resampling and softening filters
  • eroded, faded, or irregular border, framing, painting on canvas
  • copying entire image or selection to clipboard, pasting clipboard content as new image or into existing image, masked copy and paste operations
  • color reduction by thresholding or dithering, grayscale conversion, posterization
  • color replacement and filling, color gradient, threshold
  • embossing in user-defined direction
  • image encryption and decryption
  • intensity range compression
  • flipping, reflecting, reversing
  • colorizing, tinting
  • brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation adjustment
  • color counting, file checksum calculation, histogram functions
  • cropping, auto-cropping, resizing
  • selection masking, intensity range extraction
  • color clamping (red eye removal), channel mixing or swapping, RGB adjustment
  • perspective adjustments, skewing, loss-less and lossy rotation with and without clipping
  • point, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, intensity range and magic wand selection
  • edge enhancement, high pass and sharpening filters
  • layer blending, blur, brightness, saturation and contrast gradients, user defined convolution filters
  • logical operations, minimum and maximum filters, rectangular and concentric mosaics, column and row shearing
  • sepia toning, solarization
  • Laplace, Sobel and other special filters
  • twisting, twirling, scrambling, tiling, range of special effects such as oil painting, blobs, fish eye, explode, wind
  • unlimited levels of file based undo
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