SMTP OCX Introduction:

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is one of the Internets standard technologies for sending email it allows you to send email quickly and simply without clogging up your internet connection / bandwidth.

The SMTP OCX allows you to send Email via any RFC compliant SMTP server and now also via ESMTP servers using LOGIN authentication. The SMTP OCX is a an Advanced Active-X Control which integrates RAS and SMTP mail protocols into one easy to manage solution.

The SMTP OCX supports Multiple file attachments which it correctly Base64 encodes for maximum encryption/compression and security when transmitting. The SMTP OCX Also supports Straight Text or HTML messages compatible with most Email clients.

The RAS aspects of the SMTP OCX control allow you to manage, enumerate or dial any connection(s) installed on the end user/your computer.

SMTP OCX Main Features:

  • Embedded Image support when using HTML messages
  • Authentication via Pop3, LOGIN (ESMTP) and custom methods.
  • An extensive list of properties, methods and events allowing full control of your email.
  • .Mail properties for setting Mail properties.
  • .SMTP properties for setting Server details.
  • Full Email properties (To, Cc, From, Subject, Message, Priority).
  • Straight Text or Full HTML sending Interface.
  • Multiple To, CC lists..
  • Multiple Attachments (any size, any type).
  • Full SMTP Server properties (Server Name, Time Out).
  • Advanced Error Processing and Reporting.
  • Advanced Event System allowing direct Event reaction and
    Response to common actions such as Mail sending/failure and connection/disconnection.
  • Automated Dialing (connect to the end users default RAS/DUN connection to send emails),
  • Automated Internet Detection (Dial only if an existing connection is not present),
  • Automated Connection Termination (Hang Up dialled connections once email has been sent),
  • Connect directly to the RAS/DUN system to enumerate, edit and add any Entry,
  • Dial or Disconnect any DUN/RAS Entry.
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