AxezzWebGadgets Introduction:

WebGadgets.LinkSelector - TabStrip, LinkList and Navigation Bar
The LinkSelector is a versatile Web Control that can be used as a TabStrip, a LinkList or Navigation Bar on pages.

The LinkSelector is Completely Theme based, using CSS and Image files.

Several ready made themes are supplied in the download.

  • Fully ASP.NET compatible (Event model, ViewState, 100% Managed code).
  • XML support
  • Full code-behind support in your favourite language (C#,

AxezzWebGadgets Key Features:

  • One Web Control, three display options - TabStrip, LinkList and Navigation Bar
  • Accompanying Panel Control
  • Theme based using CSS and (optional) Image files.
  • Several ready-made themes are supplied
  • Full Visual Studio Design support
  • Server based (not a client side TabStrip)
  • ViewState and Event model follows standards.
  • Full Code-behind support (C#,
  • Content can be set using XML, directly in the aspx file, as a comma separated list (for a simple control), or in code behind, including setting the DataSource to an XmlDocument.
  • Use as a Site navigation tool, a selector, a page navigation tool or integrate with other controls.
  • Cross Browser Support
    Tested and confirmed OK with the following browsers
    - Internet Explorer 6
    - Opera 7
    - Mozilla Firefox
    - Mozilla 1.7
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