AxpDataGrid Introduction:

AxpDataGrid is an WebControl for database query (SQL) results, DataTables or DataViews.

Editing a database table is easy. Set a couple of properties and AxpDataGrid will generate the data input form, and handle all database interaction for Insert, Update and data Delete using safe parameterized queries generated by the grid.

Several ready-made stylesheets are available, giving your applications a professional look without hours of work.  

AxpDataGrid Key Features:

AxpDataGrid is an ASP.NET WebControl and is written in 100% managed code.

* Automatic paging
* Automatic sorting
* SQL Select commands
* Stored Procedures
* .Net DataSources
* Form Editing
* Rich Text Editor
* Lookup values
* Scrollable Grid
* Customizable output
* Powerful
* Easy to use
* Server based
* Supports code-behind
* Integrates with Visual Studio

AxpDatagrid Benefits:

AxpDatagrid is FAST and handles large recordsets efficiently

Supported data sources : Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase Adaptive Server 9, accessed via the .NET OleDb provider. Any .NET DataSource that can be evaluated as a DataView (i.e. a DataSet, DataTable or a DataView. Data editing is not supported for the .NET data sources.)

Generates std html and works against most modern major browsers (IE, Mozilla, Opera).

Can be skinned. Select styles (CSS stylesheet) and buttons in the online demo.

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