BinaryAlertPopup .NET

BinaryAlertPopup .NET Introduction:

BinaryAlertPopup .NET© - An Outlook© 2003 /MSN© style alert popup component for the WinForms .NET platform!

Binarymission proudly announces the release of its new .NET component BinaryAlertPopup .NET.

BinaryAlertPopup .NET will instantly enable your Windows .NET applications with the popular MSN Instant Messenger and Outlook 2003 style popup alerts windows.

Just with one line of code, display popup windows to your application users.

BinaryAlertPopup .NET Key Features:

  • MSN and Office 2003 style rendering interfaces
  • Built-in support for (emulated) XP Themes while displaying the popup window (Blue, Silver and Olive green themes supported)
  • A variety of popup window "hiding" styles supported, including, Vanishing, SlidingDown and a mix of both these styles
  • Using the component's simple properties, you can set the color and font of your choice for displaying the popup's message text, title and also be able to specify a color for the popup message text selection rectangle!
  • Supports user configurable playing of sounds, when the alert popup is displayed!
  • Supports customisable font and colors settings for the popup's message text, title text and the UI aspects of the drop-down chevron menu button (i.e. its rectangle border color, fill color (both gradient and single color properties)).
  • Support for user defined icons for the popup window exit button and title icon (alpha-blended icons supported)
  • Several overloaded methods built in, to make the control's usage absolutely flexible!
  • User configurable "timeout" settings for popup display and "hiding" states
  • Supports setting "custom" display location for the popup
  • New! Drag-and-drop of popup window: Apart from being able to set in your code a custom location to display the alert popup window, at run-time, your users will also be able to drag-and-drop the popup window to a location of their choice.
  • New! Custom user painting of alert popup window: The control now lets you to perform custom painting of the alert popup window completely!
    By setting a simple property, you will be able to take control of the alert popup window's graphics surface and perform your own custom painting, making the control absolutely extensible and flexible to customise to your specific needs.
  • New! Custom alignment of title image: The control now supports multiple alignment states for the title image. You could set the title image and position it using the new image alignment property. (Refer to Image 6A in this page)
    Also the title image can now be stretched and drawn across the control's complete surface.
  • New! More control over body text/ title text positioning: The control now supports new properties to let you have more control as to where to position the control's body text and title text items.
  • Enjoy all these features, from just one line of code in your application!
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