EvansFTP Introduction:

Evans FTP - ActiveX FTP Control and COM DLL

Evans FTP is a total FTP programming solution designed for use with VB, VBA and all other ActiveX and COM DLL supporting languages. Evans FTP is provided as an ActiveX FTP control and as a COM FTP DLL to maximize your ability to write the best possible FTP components and applications.

EvansFTP Features:

  • Asynchronous (non-blocking / multi-threaded) AND synchronous (blocking / traditional EZ version) components are provided. Also, both components are provided in DLL and OCX versions.
  • Crash recovery option. Transfers terminated due to unexpected errors can be resumed at the precise point in the file(s) where the last successful block of data was written.
  • Transfer progress window option (non-blocking). Also, transfer window text can be customized for internationalization.
  • Large file support of files up to 933 TB (terra bytes).
  • Remote program execution support. FTP control connections and FTP data connections are fully supported.
  • Proxy support. Passive mode support (i.e. firewall friendly).
  • Greatly simplifies working with FTP files, folders and their attributes.
  • Royalty-free distribution of your finished application.
  • Detailed help file and comprehensive example programs (in multiple programming languages) are included, plus complete source code for an 'FTP Explorer' client application.
  • Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems.
  • Free support and upgrades to registered users.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
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