NED Image Printer Driver 2000 Source Code

NED Image Printer Driver 2000 Source Code Introduction:
Developing the print logic in your application? Wasting a lot of paper trying to get things to look just right? Try NED Image Printer Driver. You'll love it!

NED Image Printer Driver is a Windows XP/Windows 2000 printer driver that creates multi-page TIFF files and displays them on your screen instead of sending them to your printer. You install the driver the same way you install a Windows printer - no programming required.

This version is for
Windows XP and Windows 2000, has the ability to print monochrome or color images! Monochrome images are saved to the file in CCITT G4 format. Color images are saved in uncompressed color. Image resolution is selectable at 600, 300, 200, and 100 DPI.

Available paper sizes are: Letter, Legal, A3, A4, Tabloid, Envelope #10, Envelope C5, and Envelope DL.

The driver uses a 32-bit DLL that displays the TIFF file on your screen using your favorite image viewer. When you buy this software you get the source code for the DLL, which allows you to develop your own processing of print jobs sent from any Windows application.

The base product produces a multi-page TIFF file and launches the application you have specified as the default viewer for files having extensions of .TIF. Registering the product gives you the source code for the Exit32.DLL called by the driver. This DLL receives each page of the print job as a bitmap. You can modify the source code to do whatever you want with the bitmap delivered from the driver. The source code is compatible with Visual C++ V6.0.

This is a GREAT utility for software developers who are writing printing logic for applications. You can debug your code without the need for a real printer. You can avoid wasting a lot of paper. You can use your favorite TIFF file viewer to zoom in on the printout to get print positions tuned to precise pixels. You can develop your printing code while traveling on an airplane or living in a hotel with your notebook PC.

You can intercept pages from any Windows application and perform any kind of image processing, indexing, or print redirection you like. For example, you can stamp any document the user prints with the name of the user, the user's signature, or date/time before sending the printout to a real printer.
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