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Privacy Defender - Spyware Detection

Privacy Defender ™ 3.0 is a revolutionary new popUp blocker PLUS a spyware and adware detection and removal application that offers around the clock protection to home and corporate users. Defeat annoying popups and surf the internet without anyone tracking your every move. Let Privacy Defender™ protect your PC around the clock.
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Privacy Defender Main Features:

Spyware - Adware Management:

  • Scans your hard drive, memory and registry for malicious ad/spy-ware programs
  • FREE technical support and advanced online FAQ system.
  • Homepage protector helps prevent your homepage from getting hijacked by adware.
  • "Memory Shield Alert" NEW feature alerts you when new spy/ad ware programs are run.
  • Prevents downloading of suspicious active X programs.
  • Fully Configurable - Customize to meet your needs.
  • Automatically scans, detects and removes malicious ad/spy-ware.
  • Free Adware Spyware Removal signature updates for 1 year!

    Defender Process Management:
  • Protects your computer around the clock from new adware & spyware.
  • Notifies you when suspicious processes start running on your machine.
  • Gives you clear alerts of all processes accessing the internet.
  • Allows for simply blocking or allowing of processes.
  • Fully Configurable - Customize to meet your needs.
  • Easy to use and edit on a daily basis.

  • Allows you to set depth of scanning process - memory,
  • harddrives and cookies
  • Set to Run at Start-up and Minimize at Start-up
  • Set startup notifications
  • Set and protect your Home Page - NEW FEATURE
  • Report New Adware and Spyware - NEW FEATURE

    Updates and Scheduling:
  • 1 Year of Free signature and fingerprint updates.
  • Over 13,000 (as of 10/1/2004) Spyware Signatures - this protects your computer from thousand  of annoying ad/spyware programs.
  • Over 96,000 Fingerprints (as of 10/1/2004) - tracks down all adware and spyware components   and their footprints.
  • Schedule automatic scans and updates by day, time, etc.
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