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Dvd95Copy - DVD Copy Tool

Copy any DVD to a regular DVD recordable (DVDí└R(W)(DL)) with just 1 click within 30 mins. by keeping all of the original DVD features like menus, different audio streams and subtitles.
Data DVDs can be copied aswell.

Update June 2005: Added DVD -R DL (double layer / dual layer) support.

With Dvd95Copy you can backup your DVDs to one DVDí└R(W)(DL) without the need to split it. Even episodic DVDs and those containing a full and widescreen version can be backed up to one recordable.

How does Dvd95Copy work?

It's very simple.
Insert a source DVD, and an empty DVDí└R(W)(DL), and Dvd95Copy will create a 1:1 copy and remove all protection like css, macrovision, region protection and prohibited user operations.

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Dvd95Copy Key Features:

You can choose between 4 different copy modes:

  • Full-Disc copy-mode:
    This will copy an entire movie-DVD to one regular DVD recordable DVDí└R(W)(DL).
  • Movie only copy-mode:
    This will copy the main movie only to one regular DVD recordable DVDí└R(W).
  • Split to 2 DVD copy-mode:
    This will split a movie-DVD into 2 discs so it will fit to two regular DVD recordables.
  • 1:1 copy-mode:
    Creates a REAL 1:1 Copy of a DVD to either a regular DVD recordable (DVDí└R(W)) or to a double layer DVD Recordable (DVD+R DL), depending on the original DVD size.

DVD Format explanation:

  • DVD-R
    This was the worlds first recordable DVD format and is compatible about 90% to all standalone DVDPlayers.
  • DVD-RW
    Same as above, except this one is Re-Writable and about 40% compatible to standalone DVDPlayers.
  • DVD+R
    This is a new-generation DVD format, and is compatible about 70% to all standalone DVDPlayers.
  • DVD+RW
    Same as above, except this one is Re-Writable and about 40% compatible to standalone DVDPlayers.
  • DVD+R DL
    This is a Double-Layer media, and makes 1:1 copies of DVDs possible, because it has the same capacity as pressed DVD-Movies.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS:
    Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Supported DVD burners:
    All DVD burners on the market.
  • Required HD space:
    1.5MB for the application
    -and up to 8.5 GB free space for the DVD data.
  • Requirements for Windows 98/ME:
    Adaptec's ASPI must be installed.
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