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PD Pro Digital Painter - Image Editor

PD Pro is affordable paint and animation software for the PC with built-in, user-defined, animated & fractal particle brushes and many animation and matte painting features.

A companion to your 2D+3D web authoring or animation tools, or as your first step into virtual art and digital painting with mouse or tablet, it is here for you to draw, sketch, animate and paint... almost like on the real canvas, but without the mess, the fumes or occasional spills! Draw Anime, enjoy nature painting, edit photos & digital images, add special FX to CG animations and your home movies, do professional post work, and create fantasy art. Use LUA scripting to add or extend special fx filters! For developers and programmers there's also a free SDK to extend PD Pro with more filters and plugins.

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There are many new features in PD Pro (Project Dogwaffle 3). This page illustrates the use of some of them.

This is not a complete list, but it should give an idea of what's new and why it's a new major release. There are a number of new filters, speed improvements (e.g. with fractal particle brushes (optipustics), and much more. A number of significant enhancements are related to creating and working on animations:

The filmstrip:
New filmstrip mode on the animation control panel.
- Context menu pops up with additional options (right-click on filmstrip).
- Set in/out points for copying blocks of frames.

reverse frame sequence
You can reverse the frame sequence of your animation. For example, if you have an animation clip showing a glass falling down and shattering into pieces, but you really want to show it 'backwards', use this new feature to reverse the frame sequence. This can be a great tool as a companion for animations made with 3D tools, perhaps based on physics calculations. After the rendering, reversing the movie is a snap.

New gradient tools:
the circular fill gradient has a new behavior. It lets you center the hotspot.
There are several new fill modes. warp vert, warp both, etc.
There are fill modes for the gradient tools under the linear tool.
There's a new Lightning fx in the linear tool! (see more below)

New filters:
New photographic filters. These are the kinds of filters you'd put on
the front of a camera's lens.  

New Auto adjust filter.
Lets you interactively adjust contrast and white balance.

The timeline.
The timeline allows filters to be applied over the frames of an animation, even with changing parameters.
- New photographic filters and reverse fields have been added to the set of filters available in the timeline.
- Transform now works in world coordinates.
- Speed improvements.
- Bug fixes.

New menu layout:
- Everything at your finger tips. Just browse around.
- Buffer sizer is integrated. It supports layers and animation as well.
- Bug fix on the resize panel.
New panel for custom brush drop shadows.

Seamless Textures
- Real-time feedback on the seamless panel. You see the resulting seamless texture tiled immediately.

Scan frames
PD Pro can scan multiple images into an animation. This is great for traditional artists who have drawn their initial concept sketches on paper and need to scan them in all together into an animation.  The frames are scanned and resized to the size of the current buffer. A rotation can be added, such as 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Particle (optipustics) and Bristle Brushes
- Much faster particles!
- Improved bristle brush tool on the optipus panel.
- tablet support for the bristle brush, including tilt (!)

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