AV DVD Player Morpher Gold

AV DVD Player Morpher Gold Introduction:

AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold is the Pro DVD player program that works as a DVD player and comes complete with DVD editor software that edits the DVD, morphs images and audio, burns VCDs, and makes CD covers and labels.

AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold's major functions include:

  • Apply 44 video and 44 audio effects in real time while playing DVD and video movies
  • Mix complex effects and switch between effects ¡°on the fly¡±
  • Morph one section or an entire movie and save it in video format
  • Capture still images or a series of images
  • Capture audio
  • Convert DVD to video, or convert between video formats
  • Edit DVD movie titles and subtitles
  • Play DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs, and other media file formats
  • Burn DVDs, VCDs, and data CDs to add to your music or movie collections
  • Erase DVDs and CDs
  • Design DVD and CD covers and labels

What's new in the GOLD edition of DVD editor software:

  • Twice as many video and audio effects to apply, edit, or mix
  • Captures images in series at preset intervals
  • Supports DVD/SVCD/VCD to AVI conversion

AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold Main Features:

  • Apply video and audio effects in real time while playing DVD and video movies
    AV DVD Player-Morpher Gold is the Pro DVD player program that can morph image and audio in real time while the movie is playing. There are 44 video effects and 44 audio effects to apply, such as water, rain, flying, negative, rotate, twister, 3-D subtitles, chorus, surround, pass filter, auto loudness, and many more. Adjust the parameters of each effect to achieve the perfect result every time.
    To apply one or more effects, drag each effect name from the tree on the right panel and drop it into the Effects to Apply panel
  • Mix complex effect and switch between effects ¡°on the fly¡±
    Create unusual and unique effects by applying more than one effect at a time. To do this, simply drag and drop each effect into the Effects to Apply panel. Enable/disable each effect in the panel by clicking to check/uncheck it. You can switch between the effect ¡°on the fly¡± in the same way.
    Once the desired complex effect is created, you can save it to apply again later.
  • Edit a DVD, morph one section or an entire movie and save it in video format
    With this DVD editor software, you can edit a DVD movie and then save it with the added effects as a new movie in video format. To do this, use the Converter module to play the movie and perform the effects before saving it to a new file.
  • Capture still image or series of images
    This DVD player program lets you capture an image from a movie while it is playing. Captured images can be saved in BMP, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF formats. After setting a destination folder and format for the image to capture, you can play the movie and press the Capture Frame button at the desired place in the movie.
    You can also choose to capture a series of images by setting the interval so that each image is captured.
  • Capture audio
    In addition to capturing images of the movies playing, AV DVD Player Morpher allows you to record any favorite audio sounds and save them in popular formats such as mp3, wma, wav, ape, aif, nist, ogg and more.
    To choose an appropriate output sound, play with the Settings.
  • Convert DVD to video, or between video formats, with DVD editor software
    This DVD editor software has a Converter that can convert DVD movies to videos, as well as do conversions between other video formats. You can specify the video codec, audio codec, file size or resample method, and even apply effects when you convert a movie.
  • Edit DVD titles and subtitles
    The Advanced Title Editor and Subtitle Editor enable you to make titles and subtitles for your movie.
    You can add text or import .avt/.srt file to edit. In this DVD movie editor, you can specify time scale, locate the position of the title or subtitle on the screen, define the text format, set the alignment for the title or subtitle.
    To edit the title or subtitle, drag and drop the Advanced Title Editor effect or Subtitle Editor effect to the Effects to Apply panel.
  • Play DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs and other media file formats
    This DVD editor software can also play DVD, SVCD, and VCD movies just like regular DVD player programs. Other supported formats include AVI, QT, MOV, MPG, MPEG, M1V, and more. It also supports several audio streams in AVI/MPEG video files.
  • Burn DVDs, VCDs and data CDs to create music collections or movies
    The Pro DVD player program lets you copy video movies to DVDs and CDs, then use the cover editor feature to design your own covers and labels.
    To activate the AV CD Burner, click on Burner on the main window or click on the Create New Video CD button to open a new work space for creating a new video collection.
  • Erase DVDs and CDs
    Erasing a rewritable DVD or CD can be done in the CD burner of the DVD player program if you have a recorder that can also write these types of discs. From the AV CD Burner¡¯s main window, click the Erase CD button, set the option in the erase dialog, and then click the Erase button to start the erase process.
  • Design DVD and CD cover and label
    Once your movie has been copied to a DVD/CD, you can use the CD cover editor to give it a smart and professional look. The CD cover editor lets you design a DVD/CD label, a cover, and an inlay, and allows you to save them as a single file for the entire set. You can load an image, edit the background, add text in different formats and positions ¨C and have your DVD/CD cover in a matter of minutes.
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